Our roofing services include:

  • Complimentary hail and wind damage inspections.
  • Emergency tarp cover-ups.
  • Interior reconstruction.
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty products.

Haag Certification: What Does That Tell You About Us?

Throughout a product's life cycle, the ability to keep you dry and insulated can be affected in a variety of ways. The natural processes of weathering and aging can be accelerated by several factors, including problems during manufacturing, design issues or errors during installation, or the damaging effects of hail, wind, or other non-natural (mechanical) forces. While these issues are very different in origin, on the surface, they can look quite similar. Determining the true cause of an issue with confidence requires advanced knowledge and thorough investigation techniques.

This is why Haag Certification is so important! Experts in their field, Haag-certified inspectors are adjusters, estimators, home inspectors, roofing contractors, consultants, and other industry pros who have fine-tuned their inspection skills to find damage where it exists.

Haag's course developers and instructors draw on Haag's long history as a leader in the field of forensic engineering. Course instructors have over 300 years of combined field experience and have authored numerous industry-leading reports and researched studies on damage assessment. To earn their designation as Haag Certified Inspectors, each student must meet prerequisites to be accepted into the program. After three days of direct and intensive training from seasoned Haag Engineers, students must prove an in-depth understanding of advanced damage assessment techniques and philosophies by passing a comprehensive final exam. Students must maintain active status as Certified Inspectors by re-qualifying through testing on an annual basis.

Haag Certified Inspectors are tested professionals who possess the resources to assess damage with confidence.

Edwin Vidal is our in-house HAAG Certified Inspector.