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Vidal Construction

Commercial Construction

U-Haul: Houston - 10,500 SF Storage Canopy

Tidal Power Services: Rosharon, TX - 9,115 SF Office and Warehouse

Front Line Construction: Rosharon, TX - 15,470 SF Office and Warehouse

Cray Valley: Beaumont, TX - 10,500 SF Office and Warehouse

El Matador: Baytown, TX - 15,000 SF Office and Production Facility Renovation with 1,600 SF Warehouse Addition

Scanning Solutions: League City, TX - 2,000 SF Office Building

Packers Plus: Conroe, TX - 825 SF Warehouse Addition

Our construction services include

  • Management of all construction activities from mobilization to occupancy
  • Development of construction scheduling
  • Management of project communication, correspondence, and documentation
  • Constant monitoring of construction quality and a proactive approach to craftsmanship
  • Safety awareness, including pre-planning, prevention, monitoring, and reinforcement
  • Self-perform construction services to provide competitive pricing
  • Management and tracking of necessary inspections and documentation for completion, occupancy, and operation of a facility
  • As-built documentation to facilitate operation and maintenance for the life of the facility